Security Lock - PDK3000US26D

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Security Lock - PDK3000US26D. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. Also known as: PDK3000US26D

The ALARM-LOCK-PDK3000-US26D is a satin chromium plated weatherproof access keypad with proximity reader that operates main and auxiliary relays, and can be used to trigger a door strike, an electromagnetic door lock, or any other relay-activated device.

In a typical application, the PDK3000-US26D will energize its Primary/Entry Relay upon the keypad entry of a valid user code. The relays used in the unit are of the three contact Form C type, containing a Common, Normally Closed, and a Normally Open contact.


2000 PIN user codes, multilevel security access control keypads

Built-in HID proximity reader

Accepts up to 2000 PIN codes and/or HID cards and keyfobs

Ideal for use with 12V or 24V (AC or DC) electric door strikes, mag locks or Alarm Lock Remote Release Mag Lock Kit (adjacent page)

Wall mount or single gang box

2 High-Current Rated 8A Relays for entry, alarm zone shunting or lock release by real-time schedule

Vandal-resistant, all metal 12-button keypad

Keypad or PC programmable

40,000 Event audit trail report/print to PC or hand held printer or DTMIII Data Module

Timed Egress Input Selectable door open times 5, 10 or 15 seconds

500 Scheduled events & real time clock

Tamper supervised (reportable to alarm system)

Remote release feature; request-to-exit input

Weatherproof -31 to 151F (-35 to +66C)

Technical Specifications:

Operating Voltage Range: 10V - 28V AC or DC

12V Current Consumption: Idle Current: 3mA, Maximum Current: 55mA

24V Current Consumption: Idle Current: 7mA, Maximum Current: 80mA

Finish: Satin Chromium Plated

2 Relays: SPDT Form C, N/O, N/C, C, 8 amps @ 24V AC or DC, 24 Volts maximum