noritz tankless water heater cb199-dv

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noritz tankless water heater cb199-dv.

Standard Input: Gas consumption range from 18,000 BTUh to 199,000 BTUh

Heating Mode Input: Gas consumption ranges from 18,000 BTUh to 120,000 BTUh

Turndown Ratio: 6.7 (CB199) and 5.6 (CB180)

Capacity Range: Flow rates of 0.5 GPM up to 9.3 GPM (CB199) and 9.1 GPM (CB180)

Compact Design: ANSI A21.13/CSA 4.9 certified design that can be wall‐mounted indoors

Durable Steel Casing with Polyester Coating

Heat Exchanger: Manufactured with STS 304 stainless steel

Venting Options: For indoor installation only. Convertible to Single Vent (‐SV) with the use of conversion kit (#SV‐CK‐3)

Direct Electronic Ignition

AFUE‐ 0.95(NG) 0.95(LP)

Temperature Controls: Includes remote thermostat that can precisely adjust the output temperature with the capability to display temperatures in °C; Domestic Mode: 90°F to 140°F, Heating Mode: 100°F to 180°F

Outdoor Reset Control: Built‐in customizable programming for Energy Savings and Comfort with Outdoor Temperature Sensor (included)

Power Cord Installation Kit: 6' power cord is included

Safety Devices‐ Flame Sensor, Overheat Cut off Limit Switch, Gas Leak Detector Sensor, Water Leak Detector Sensor, Exhaust Temperature Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Heating Supply Temperature Sensor

Internal Pump: Heating Mode: used for primary closed loop. Domestic Mode: used for pre‐heating of internal plate heat exchanger

Brand Noritz

Model Number CB199DV

Applications Wall-Mounted

Flow Rate @ 35 ºF Rise 8.6 gpm

Flow Rate @ 45 ºF Rise 7.7 gpm

Flow Rate @ 75 ºF Rise 4.3 gpm

Flow Rate, Maximum 9.2 gpm

Freeze Prevention No

Hard-Wired Remote Yes

Indoor/Outdoor Indoor

Maximum Temperature 140 ºF

Minimum Activation Rate 0.5 gpm

Wattage 187 W

Energy Star Yes