Enviro Water Products RK6 6GPM Inline Multi-Field Magnetic Water Conditioner

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This simple-to-install, multi-pole magnetic conditioner helps homeowners protect their water-using appliances and entire plumbing system from lime/scale build-up and corrosion. It temporarily prevents scale producing minerals from sticking together, thus preventing scale. It can help increase both the life expectancy of equipment and the energy efficiency of appliances while saving both time and money and reducing maintenance .



Maximum Pipe Diameter: 0.75

Depth (in.): 1.75

Height (in.): 9

- SKU: HRWEX51506

Can handle flows up to 6 gallons per minute

This proprietary multi-pole, permanent magnetic core creates a series of reversing polarity alternating magnetic fields which alter calcium and magnesium ions natural tendency to bond tightly together

The minerals repel and push away from each other and precipitate out of solution in a conditioned, suspended state called aragonite

They can no longer stick to hot-water appliances, plumbing systems, or fixtures and can easily be wiped off of hard surfaces

Ideal for many applications: main water line, ice maker, water heater, humidifier, RO system, garden hose, geothermal system, solar heater and swamp coolers